Mobile Assault v1.4.1 ist erschienen!

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Mobile Assault v1.4.1 ist erschienen!

Beitrag  Gast am Fr Okt 22, 2010 12:38 pm

Der Developer Azadkrieger hat nun auch eine neue Version von Mobile Assault released.
Azadkriegers Zitat:
It's only been a couple of weeks since 1.4, but Justin and I figured we've added some important changes to justify a 1.4.1 release. The first fix is to address the rare crashes that we were getting on startup with iPhone. Basically there was a thread race condition that we couldn't fix without totally ripping the guts out of the current code. I personally still don't understand why what we had before never worked, but we're pretty sure this fix will be the end of this particular issue. The other fix is to do with AI. Turns out that instead of a tank trying to find a target 5 times a second, it was doing it 100 times a second. With lots of tanks on the map, that's a lot of CPU being used unnecessarily. We're currently exploring better ways to manage large numbers of units and projectiles, so hopefully we can squeeze a few more FPS out of the game.

- AI optimisations.
- Fixed updating of particle effects.
- Final fix for crash on startup on iPhone





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